Energy Solutions for
Healthcare Providers

We are a solar innovation and distribution enterprise. For the past decade, we have immersed ourselves in the energy challenges of rural healthcare. Today we use that knowledge and experience to equip healthcare providers with optimized energy solutions so they can deliver the best possible patient care.


SESH (Solar Energy Services for Healthcare) is a suite of technology and services that will ensure that both off-grid and on-grid clinics have continual access to clean reliable electricity. No more power cuts, no more failed medical equipment. With SESH, clinics are guaranteed reliable, clean energy, optimised for healthcare usage.
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Energy Solutions

Access to reliable electricity supply is absolutely critical for vital healthcare services to be provided to communities. The majority of healthcare facilities in the world, serving 75% of the world’s population, currently suffer from insufficient or intermittent energy supply. The absence of reliable electricity prevents healthcare providers from delivering the services needed to save lives.
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When Dr. Kolombo started working at Shyira Hospital it received power from a loud and expensive diesel generator for only 2 hours a night and only in the operating room, maternity ward, and laboratory. With the solar panels installed by Great Lakes Energy, the hospital can use electricity all night and throughout the wards and offices. Most importantly, they can avoid using costly diesel fuel, and in a poor village like Shyira, this makes a big difference.

Great Lakes Energy recently supplied Sun King™ Pro lamps to World Vision’s Byumba project for Community Health Workers (CHWs). CHWs play an important role in Rwanda by assuring the health of their community. They act as the first line of public health defense and their services are invaluable. Sun King™ Pro lamps have helped the CHWs by providing them with a reliable source of sustainable, bright light and the ability to charge a mobile phone.